Wk B5 – Student Choice – Short Film

For my student lead project, I teamed up with fellow classmates: Andres Muñoz & Tony Hokenson. We decided that we were going to make a short film based on an idea that Tony had. My role for the project was: Cinematographer/Director of Photography. For the project we also got the help from our classmates: Roger Escobido, Alejandra Juarez, Jeff Vintimilla, Veronica Maglonzo, Christian Rodriguez & Alexandra Newe.

Name: Sundown: The Diet
The link for the Short Film: https://youtu.be/QI6zWcxYWLcMy role(s): Cinematographer/Director of Photography. Some script edits. 


My goals for this project was to test out my cinematography skills, meet new people and learn new things along the way. I realized that I hadn’t shot a film in a while so, I wanted to practice my skills and make them better. By figuring out different ideas & techniques, I wanted to create and utilize different camera angles. Normally, I shoot my films using the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S9 (previously S7 edge and iPhone 5s) and for this project we used a DSLR, which was a little out of my comfort zone but I was eager to learn how to shoot properly using an actual camera.


Were my goals achieved? Yes, they were. I got to work on a fascinating project with an amazing cast and crew. Got to know more fellow students while working on this project. Some I’d never even seen in class. My camera skills were good, I felt as if it could have been better. As mentioned earlier, I usually shoot using the camera on my mobiles; but coming out of my comfort zone, I learned how to properly shoot using  a DSLR and during the end of the shoot, my movements from the Dolly and Tripod were smoother than when we first started.


My experience was fantastic. Meeting new people, learning interesting things, getting out of my comfort zone, making my first short film in the U.S. are some of the things that were part of what made it fantastic. Andy, Tony and I are even planning a sequel for the short film with the original cast and crew reuniting.


This project meant a lot to me since I got to make a short with people whom I’ve merely said “lets make a movie one day!”. With this Student Lead Activity, I got to make something with friends whom I am trying to get closer to, and got to know even more people on the way. I am hopeful that we will make more films in the near future!


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Wk B1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

An amazing day @ the beach!

About half the class of ART 110 arrived at the beautiful Seal Beach for this week’s project: Plaster Casting!


Anthony, Andreas and I worked together and helped each other out during our activity.

Speaking of the activity, it went great! It was extremely fun, I felt relaxed; after having 3 classes prior, and was a great bonding opportunity with fellow students from my class! When we first arrived, we were unable to reach Andreas. Calls wouldn’t go, but we found him eventually; along with the rest of the class.


Firstly, we marked our territory and began to dig up one hole per person. Our first try failed as we burrowed too close to the blue waters of Seal and it filled itself up after the 3rd wave.


We moved away from the shore and started digging up for our second try. It worked out and after the 3 holes were ready, we began to mix our first batch of plaster. At first I commented that it looked a lot like ‘pancake batter’, then as it began to thicken, I decided that I shall try first. So, I placed my hand inside the chilled earth as the two of them began putting cold wet sand around my right hand.


As I felt the wet sand had started to set, I quickly yet slowly removed my hand . We then poured white plaster inside all of our designated spots and went off around the beach, talking and clicking pictures while waiting for it to set.


I have never done anything like this before. I would even describe it by saying “everything was a first timer!” Playing around with plaster, making molds, going to the beach for class activity, making sand castles (while the plaster set).


As I mentioned, it was my first time playing around with plaster, so, we were all really confused and Glenn (our instructor) had to explain the process to us multiple times.

It was fun, we successfully created 3 perfect (plaster) molds of our hands in different poses.  I think its fantastic that I got the opportunity to talk and bond with people who I hadn’t talked with inside our class. I look forward for more activities like this in the future.



Plaster casting felt like a great way to decorate my house. My family members could do molds of our own and decorate it at various locations in the house. It would also result in more family bonding time and home activities.

Another great way I felt I can adapt Plaster Casting would be to use as props for a movie! As a film major, it seemed interesting to use this technique for props and/or decor purposes while making a movie.


What I would like to try next time? Next time I would like to try Graffiti Painting. That too is something I have never done before, and since its already an upcoming part of our course, I am very excited about that!

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