Wk C1 – Art & (my) Life

Five months have come and gone, and I’ve learned a lot of things in my ART110 class. Things about art, the nature of art, its different types and forms, things about myself, growth, enjoying life and making friends. Lead by our teacher Glenn Zucman, I can truthfully say that this class has been the most fun out of the 3 others I’m taking this semester! For my final paper, I will be talking about the things that I’ve made, the SOA Artists I’ve met, the things I’ve learnt, and what are the applications of things I’ve learned. Firstly, let me list all the projects I’ve done this semester: Plaster Casting, Design Thinking, e-Portfolio, Web Page, Sketching in The Japanese Garden, Student Choice, Environmental Portraits, Graffiti Painting, Vlogging, Finger Painting, And One More.


Plaster Casting. It was the first time that I had played and created something with plaster. Our project was to head towards Seal Beach and make a sand plaster cast out of either our hands or legs.  I was in a budding friendship with two fellow classmates and we decided to do this project together. Once we arrived at the beach, we marked our ground and dug up three holes. I still recall during our first try, the waters had filled it up because we had dug too close to the “wave-zone.”Our second try was a success and as a whole, this was a different, note-worthy experience. I got educated about the process of crafting and managing plaster.
Sketching in The Japanese Garden. I went to our resident Japanese garden and the topic of the day was abstract vs representation. The task was to create 6 sketches and take 6 photos of that would represent these two forms of art. It felt great loosening up and sketching whilst under nature; something I hadn’t done in a long time. I clearly understood the difference between the two representations of art. The waterfall, ducks, and pond were very peaceful, and I had a blast taking pictures!
Student Choice was my favorite of all the projects mentioned above! For my student choice, two friends of mine and I decided that we would make a short film. At first, we thought the 3 of us would do something, then one of my friends mentioned to the whole class about our project and it turned out to be a massive alliance between 9 fellow students! In just 3 days, we wrote, produced, acted, directed, edited and posted a short film. This project catapulted my friends list and it was one of the best experiences during these 5 months. I learned: teamwork, friendship, camera work (since I was the cinematographer), location scouting, and many more things during this project.
Environmental Portraits. I hastily took a photo of myself with my little tripod and that served as the first environmental portrait. The main point of my environmental portrait was to show that I was either a director or a cinematographer. By the end, I was knowledgeable about very idea and essence of Environmental Portraits since I was researching about it online.
Graffiti Painting. This was another project that I had a lot of fun with! My friend and I drove to Venice Beach, observed for parking for about half an hour, and ultimately reached our spot. I made 3 graffiti arts; all my name. It the first time I tried so the first attempt wasn’t pretty. The second got better and I was relatively pleased with the final draft. We met Glenn and chatted for a bit. It was a good day and I learnt a lot. There were a group of 4 professionals who we bumped into and they explained to us the process, styles and techniques of graffiti to which I was amazed by!
The One More projectwas noteworthy because I got an opportunity to remake a previous project and do it better! The project I chose to redo was the Environmental Portrait.


As stated earlier, I’ve learnt many things. I have always been a person who enjoyed art. In-fact, all forms of it! such as: film, photography, stop-motion, sketches, sculptures, painting etc. but after this class, I learned that there are more forms of art than I had previously comprehended. After visiting the Art galleries, conversing with the SOA artists, and blogging about them, I got to see art projects that people with different view point, perception and art style. Blogging was also something I hadn’t yet started, so sharing my ideas, perception and thoughts was quite fun. For example, the first artist I talked to, Althea Fultz was trying to explore ideas about individual expression and what lies on the surface as well as beneath herself. Which she did through Expressive Art. Her main focus were the art styles of ceramics, pottery & sgraffito. Sgraffito was something I had never even heard of before that day! Another different artist was Erika Niko Barrios who mainly expressed personal narrative into art. She explored intersectional feminism, showcasing the female body and presenting it in various forms of art such as Porcelain, Ceramics, Knitting. These were one of my favorites and some of the most exquisite art pieces I had ever seen! One of the most complex themes of an art piece were made by Claudia Chavarria-Reyes. She used printmaking to explore complexity and the struggle when one is caught in between two ideals, places, and thoughts. There were many more artists I interacted with and absorbed a lot of various ideologies and themes.

My major is filmmaking. It is something I’ve loved since I was a kid. When I was given a choice to make anythingduring our student choice project, I made a short film. Albeit the fact that filmmaking is a form of art, art itself can be reflected and showcased in film. By that I mean; in film, one needs to think creatively. Each department needs to express their views, ideologies in their own form of art. The aesthetics of each frame is seen by the audience so, the cinematographer and the art department need to visualize what they want to show in the most expressive way possible. What I learned during these 5 months of ART110 class will definitely be used for my future classes, career and life.

Thanks for reading!



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