Wk B10 – One More Time!

For my Try it One More time! I’ve decided to redo my Environmental Portrait!


During my first try, it was actually the first time trying out an environmental portrait. I looked online, glanced & analyzed the process, aesthetics, the ways each individual stylistically represented their goals and interests. My strength at the time was that, my fellow classmates and I had just finished shooting and editing a short film and I was still in that “film-y” mood. It enhanced the authenticity of the process. Weakness was that I didn’t have much materials to work with. So, I just used my tripod and earphones.

My goals for try #2 was to create richer aesthetics, make it better and more stylistic. Now, I bought some posters of my favorite movies which was directed by one of my favorite stylistic directors: Quentin Tarantino. I have yet again used my little tripod, but now it works better in the shot since the background enhances it ‘film-yness’. I have an arm-band of the movie “Deadpool” – which one of my favorite superhero movie + comedy. I have also used the classic Director/Cinematographer gesture of framing the scene, to further develop the concept of filmmaking, what the cinematographer sees and decides what frame to lock and film, frame rate of camera and what the movie-goer perceives in the limited frame that filmmakers provide.

I feel better about my second attempt as its not bland and one tone. It’s filled with different colors and is enchanted in terms of aesthetics and its purpose. This Environmental Portrait! has a stronger idea and concept behind it!

Thanks for reading!


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