Wk B9 – SOA Galleries – Short Story

This piece was displayed at CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery.


The Short Story (fiction):

In a deep trance of vivid colors and autonomous objects, she hears an oddity. At first it seems like someone or something is calling out ‘Dallas’ but as she swims towards the sound, it feels as if it’s calling out her name. She wiggles her feet vigorously and approaches the sound. It is certain that its calling out “Alex.” Suddenly, and enormous earthquake appears and it causes Alex to swerve violently!
She wakes up from her dream, hearing the sounds of her tense mother. “Alex! Jesus, you’re late for school honey!” She explains, anxiously. “I was h-having such a wonderful dream mom!” She replies, dreamy & disappointed.
If only Alex knew…

Alex attends to her morning ritual of brush, bath and breakfast hastily and is ready for school! But she’s already late so her mom rushes into the car. “Alex, sweetie, I have some bad news for you” She says as they almost reaches the compound. “What mommy?” Alex replies. “Honey, Snowy got into an accident today” she pauses. “She… didn’t make it” Her mom finishes. “WHAT?!” Shouts Alex, perplexed.

They reach the school and her mom kisses her goodbye as she heads out for work. Still in shock over her dead cat, Alex rambles around her bag and takes out her notebook. “Oh no!” She exclaims, dreadfully. On top of her cat dying, she has forgotten to do her homework for the day.
“Can this day get any worse?!” She exclaims, defeated.
Yes, Alex. It can.

The bell rings and Alex places herself in her favorite seat. She looks outside the window and sees beautiful green grass followed by 2 quick squirrels. She turns her attention to her teacher; who just entered. “Alright! Alright! Settle down! Pop quiz. If you fail, that’s 50% off your final grade. Submit before you leave.” The teacher says, discourteously. “Mr. Barton’s in a bad mood!” Cries Alex’s neighbor. Great! ‘That’s all today needed. Dead cat, no homework, and a moody teacher whose quiz could fail me’ thinks Alex.

It is not Alex’s day today. Mr. Barton hands out the papers to everyone and it’s a particularly difficult classwork that must be summited by 2:00 PM otherwise 50% of the grades are lost! “Thats it!” She exclaims loudly! “Time, time. Will you be mine!” She recites. A few quick moments later a similar earthquake enters and a loud Pop! Is heard.
Alex sees that in-front of the blackboard there is a tall dark figure standing. It is wearing all black, has a beak – like a bird – for its mouth, dons some fancy shades, wearing a belt that is a little too long for its waist, a fedora and holding a staff that contains an hourglass and wings.

Alex having the worst day of her life, has called upon: Mycroft the Time Giver. An ancient deity that grants its summoner an extra 15 minutes of time that doesn’t impact the natural timeline.

“Mykey, I would like to say goodbye to Snowy before he died today” She asks her first request. Mycroft nods and taps the hourglass. The classroom suddenly blurs away and turns into her living room where a pearl white cat sleeps. “Snowy!” She emotes loudly. She snuggles with the cat for ages and after letting her go, she is in tears. The scene starts to get blurry as time runs out. The last thing Alex sees is Snowy playing at the ledge of the window. Woosh! They have returned back at the class. She starts to have a panic attack as she realizes that’s how her cat dies. He places both hands at her temple and tries to breathe normally.

Alex is deeply saddened and stressed. She calls upon Mycroft once more. This time to extend her time so that she can search up the answers online to the dastardly difficult work. She rummages inside her bag and now remembers that she has forgotten to bring her phone.

Now again fill with tears, she does her work; albeit oblivious to the answers. Feeling pitiful towards Alex, Mycroft appears at its own will, taps the hourglass and grants her some extra time. More than allowed.

Thanks for reading!



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