Wk B9 – Finger Painting


The experience that this assignment got me feeling was like I was a child again. Getting my hands all covered with paint and wiping artistically all over the paper felt good and felt as if I hadn’t done something like this for a long time. I got Green, White & Orange paints because I thought it would contrast and stand out better while  – finger – painting on a Purple paper/background.

Normally artists have trouble painting something that is vague and/or abstract: because art can mean, signify, showcase, illustrate, and represent many ideas. For me, it was surprisingly easier than I thought and definitely different. I am more inclined towards drawing/painting non-abstract art rather than abstract, but abstract painting does have its charm. It can be interpreted into all kinds of different ideas and thoughts.

I dipped my fingers inside the green paint and started making shapes similar to trees but then I thought “hmm, if I make it similar to trees, then it wouldn’t be as abstract enough” then I smeared green all around hoping it would be a little more obscure. Then came white, I made these markings similar to that of footsteps but can mean anything if you perceive it differently. For some it could be footsteps on the snow, for others it could be snow fall, etc.
It was confusing if I’m honest. I wasn’t sure of what I was painting on the paper for a few moments, but then I realized abstract can mean different things to different people so I continued with the smearing. It did feel liberating, not having to care of getting my hands filled with paint, making sure I’m not making mistakes, going over the lines.

Other abstract painting I’ve seen are completely jarring to me. I can generally perceive what see of the art and not what the artist is trying to say. So, I made this abstract painting in the hopes of one can formulate their own story and/or version based on what they see.

Thanks for reading!


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