Wk B7 – Graffiti Writing

To begin this post I would like to say that; before this experience, I had never worked with Graffiti/Spray paint. Just like the Plaster experience, Art110 assignments are giving me a chance to do something new and different than what I’m used to!

I carpooled with my buddy Andy and after searching for a parking for 25 minuets we set foot on the soft sands of Venice! It was an amazing experience. This was my 2nd time to Venice and the first time viewing it in a “local” POV since last time, I was a tourist.


We found a spot and began spray painting. The picture above is my first ever attempt at graffiti! It was very fun to make and doesn’t look as good since it was the first try and didn’t have much room to work on; albeit intentional. While doing this I was thinking, “huh, so that what spray paining feels like“. I used 3 colors, red, orange and black.


The second try went a little bit better.. I was getting used to the hand motions; even though it started cramping, and it was at this point when some professionals had arrived and started giving us pointers about Graffiti, about hand movements, techniques, and tricks. The one guy who was painting was doing an amazing job indeed!


The final attempt. This was when Andy and I were greeted by Glenn himself. We had a fun chat. With some visual experience,  I tried to make the final one as good as possible. It was an amazing experience! one I am interested to re-explore in the future!


Thanks for reading!


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